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I have always been a “pay-it-forward” sort of person, regardless of my financial ability to help. I have given away cars, offered my home to strangers in need, and am generally a pretty nice person! I grew up in relative poverty, and I recognize that I have been more fortunate by far than many, many others. I’ve lived off food stamps and whatever I could scrape together working part-time as a young single mother who couldn’t afford daycare. I’ve lived in friends garages, or tents in backyards. I volunteer for my kids’ school and as a rare disease advocate. I fix my own cars and grow and make my own food whenever possible. I read medical journals and study genetics to figure out what is wrong with us and how to fix it. I get what it is to try to survive in this crazy world we live in, when it seems like the deck is constantly stacked against “normal” folks. And I want to help.